Get along home

This is pretty late in coming, but Jim re-wrote and recorded an old folk song into a song for me for Mother’s Day this year. That man knows the way to this girl’s heart. I played it in the car the other day and Elijah didn’t believe me when I told him it was Daddy singing. Ha!

In Defense of the Family

I have recently felt compelled to write in defense of those of us who stand in support of “traditional marriage,” as it has lately been termed. So much in the media right now talks as though my beliefs make me a bigot. I am not. I don’t hate gay people. I also don’t believe that God hates gay people. I believe in a loving God. I also believe that God has made laws that are unchangeable, no matter the tide of social opinion. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and believe in a living prophet and apostles who are our Heavenly Father’s mouthpieces on this earth. As His servants, they have been given the mandate to teach His commandments. As a believing member of the LDS faith, I stand with them. I don’t understand all of the reasons for God’s laws, but because I believe in Him and have a testimony of His gospel, I will stand by His leaders. My conscience won’t allow for any other course.

If you haven’t read it lately (or ever), please take the time to read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” It was written by the First Presidency of the LDS church in 1995 and beautifully states God’s position on the importance of the family to His plan and to the world. There is no room for hate in these words or in the hearts of those who truly believe in a loving God. For those who disagree with my position on this matter, I would appreciate it if you would honor the fact that I am acting according to my conscience, as I am sure you are acting according to yours. I will treat you with respect and hope that you will treat me – and others with whom you disagree – with the same.

The LDS church has recently released a website that clarifies any misconceptions about the Church’s position on this issue:

New Project!

I was released from my calling (Relief Society secretary) two weeks ago when a new RS presidency was called, so since I don’t have a new one yet, I’m feeling the need to start a huge new project! Since I made Elijah a pretty elaborate quilt (see it here) just before he transitioned from his crib to a bed, I’m going to make one for Audrey too. I was browsing Pinterest the other day for ideas when I came across this quilt

How adorable is that? My mom made me a puff quilt when I was in high school, so they’ve got some sweet nostalgia for me. Coupled with the cute chevron stripes, how could I resist?

I found some gorgeous fabric, made by the same mother-daughter team who designed the fabric on Audrey’s baby quilt (here), so I can stick to the same color scheme. Hooray! Here’s a sneak peek swatch…

Jim’s computer skills have been helpful in the planning stages. He made me a little prototype in Adobe Illustrator so I could plug in different fabrics to see how they looked together. His talents really come in handy in the most unlikely of circumstances.  Wish me luck!

Audrey is Two!

…And I’m a month late commemorating it! The holidays were a little rough around here this year. All of us but Jim had the flu, so it wasn’t terribly festive for the most part. Audrey’s birthday (Christmas), she was pretty sad and lethargic. We did have a small get-together with her friends Keira and Stella (and their parents Trav & Angie and Brent & Lori, respectively) a few days later. True to my pattern of not taking photos in the winter, I didn’t get a single picture. Oops.

Audrey is getting so smart and fun! She talks constantly (another chatterbox! hooray?) and is a sweet little girl. Her favorite birthday and Christmas presents were her baby and stroller and her new play kitchen. We are so grateful to have her in our family!



As I’ll likely be too busy to post tomorrow, I want to take a few minutes to express my thanks for just a few of the countless blessings in my life. I generally try to avoid being either cheesy or long-winded, so you’ll have to forgive me just this once for being both.

First and always, I am so grateful for my kind, loving husband. He is a great father who loves our children and is always willing to spend time with them and show them how important they are to him. He is a wonderful husband who treats me with love, respect, and endless patience. He provides for our family and makes it possible for me to stay home and raise our kids, which I am so thankful for. He is faithful to me and to God. I know how rare men like him are and I know how blessed I am to have him.

I am grateful to be a mother. Having babies hasn’t been easy for us, and I think it’s made me appreciate the honor and responsibility it is even more. Elijah and Audrey are two amazing little ones and I feel so blessed to be their mom.

I am grateful for my health and that of my family. I know what a blessing that is.

I am grateful for our home and that we live in a neighborhood with good people surrounding us.

I am grateful for our families and that we have good relationships with them.

I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the direction and hope it gives us. I know that God lives and that He loves us and wants us to be happy. I am thankful to have been taught good values from the time I was a child so that I could avoid much of the heartache that so often comes from making bad choices. I am thankful for the Atonement and the opportunity it gives me to repent and to be better and do better.

I know that I have been blessed in so many ways and that I have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

First grade drama

A couple of weeks ago, Elijah came home from school and we had the following conversation:

Elijah [looking unhappy and uncomfortable]: “Guess what happened at school today?”

Me [a little concerned]: “What happened?”

Elijah: “J (a girl in his class with a major crush on him) told me to close my eyes, so I did.”

[Uncomfortable, squirmy silence.]

Me (guessing what was coming): “And then what happened?”

Elijah (totally disgusted): “She KISSED me!”

I tried so hard not to laugh. I really did. He was just so OUTRAGED about the whole thing. This poor lovesick little girl has been giving him heart-festooned drawings of them holding hands all year. Every time I find one in his backpack he gets annoyed. He’s obviously not as taken with her as she is him. Oh the trials of a cute little blue-eyed blond boy. Ten years from now he’ll probably wish he had such problems!

Miss Grouchypants

Little Miss is still fighting off a cold and kept us up half the night last night. She’s lucky she’s so cute.

Barf Fest 2012

Starting with Elijah on Saturday night, we have spent the last few days passing around a nasty flu bug. Jim and I were up dealing with Audrey puke for about two hours last night and I’ve spent the better part of the last 48 hours in bed. Good times. So you’ll forgive me for missing a post yesterday. And you’ll thank me for not posting pictures. Though here’s a visual. Jim took the kids to J Dawg’s for dinner last night. And Audrey apparently isn’t a big fan of chewing. You’re welcome.

In the immortal words of Audrey Claire Harker, “Barf yucky.”

Elijah’s 7!

Isn’t it amazing how quickly they go from this:

To this?

I don’t know where the past seven years have gone, but I do know that this little boy has kept them full of sunshine. I really can’t think of a better word for Elijah than joyful. I hope he always keeps his ability to laugh through everything and love everyone. Happy birthday my sweet boy.

What we did for fall break…

If you’d do me the courtesy of pretending not to notice that I forgot to post yesterday, I’d be obliged. Thank you.

Cute kid eye candy for the day…